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Still going…

We had some setbacks, but pups and I are still on our fitness regimen. We’re repeating the first few days of Couch to 5K just because there were some bad days. We awoke Friday to find a light mix of rain and snow, with temps in the mid 20s. Of course, I did not check the temperature before we went outside. So we went outside, pups naked as usual and me in shorts and a T-shirt.

In the desert, there were two options in the morning: warm or HOT. So I got out of the habit of checking the weather since it didn’t vary. Now that we’re in Colorado, there could be clouds, rain, snow, or hail. It can be 80 degrees one day and 40 degrees the next. I’m re-learning to visit my friends at http://www.weather.gov for current conditions and the daily forecast. I’m also remembering that I can look out the window or go out on the balcony to check the conditions as well. (In the Coachella Valley, our blinds were always shut because the sun was so harsh and would wake us up at 5:30 AM.)

Anyway, back to the cold snap. The dogs did not cooperate. They wanted to sniff everything. They shivered. They darted back and forth across the sidewalks, putting cyclists and runners in dangers of tripping on a leash. And I was freezing. So we headed back inside after they did their business, and I hopped on the stationery bike. I still followed the C25K program, pedaling faster during the ‘run’ portions of the workout. I sweated more than I’d sweated during our jog/walks. It felt good.

I think the bike will be a good alternative when the weather is rough. Our building has a fitness room with treadmills, but the bike is more entertaining to me.

Things found on our walks:

Instead of a list, I’ll share photos of a strange sight we encountered recently. As we approached the park, I noticed what I thought was litter strewn across the park.


As we got closer, I realized that the ‘litter’ seemed to be methodically placed, and each piece was uniform in size.

Then we saw it up close and realized that it was foam of some sort. It was throughout the entire park.Image

The dogs sniffed it once but left it alone. I hurried them along and tried to avoid walking on the grass in case the foam was toxic. When we returned for later walks, the foam was still in place six hours later and hadn’t dissipated. I noticed tire marks indicating that the foam might have some from the exhaust pipe of a vehicle.

Anyone got an idea about what they might have sprayed all over the park?


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Couch to 5K

Day 3.

I’m still doing it.

My running partners (Pierogi and Uszka, pictured below) are not helping. Born and raised in the desert, Uszka has discovered the delicious joy of eating clumps of mown grass. I’ve discovered the frustration of stopping mid-run so she can vomit the grass back up. Pierogi throws in a few extra sprints when she spots a squirrel (another creature the pups never saw in the desert).

Today our cool-down became a sprint when they spied a squirrel running from a trash can with a tortilla. Small game and carbs are Pierogi’s two favorite things. (She learned to love the latter when we lived behind a pizzeria. Ravens would ravage the dumpsters and leave pasta and pizza bones around the neighborhood for her to find.) The idea of a squirrel burrito had my pup riled up. Luckily for the squirrel and for me, squirrel and tortilla made it up a tree trunk before we could get to them.

I think I’ll end my C25K posts–or heck, ALL my posts–with a list of things found on that day’s walks. It could be interesting, and who doesn’t love lists?

Recent walk finds:

  • dead rat
  • dead pigeon
  • homeless man trying to sleep in what he thought was a hidden area beneath some bushes
  • belongings of another homeless person
  • a pile of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Dogs tried to eat four of those five things.

Did I mention we’re enrolled in a leash-walking class?



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