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Applying the shrink ray

Everything needs to get smaller in my life, and none of it will be easy.

I realized last week that we have moved into the smallest apartment that we’ve ever lived in–not counting the time we shared my studio apartment for 3 months before we officially moved in together. We’ve always had two-bedroom apartments until we moved back to Denver into a one-bedroom place. It’s a great place, and there’s really plenty of room for two. But in six years of larger apartments, we’ve accumulated enough stuff to fill those two bedrooms, living rooms, dens, and the garages we had to go with them.

In addition to accumulating possessions, we’ve also accumulated POUNDS. Rural and suburban living, driving everywhere, and living in a climate where it was too hot for physical activity contributed to weight gain. So now we’re in a place where we need to scale down. We did a good job of shedding possessions before we moved, but there’s still more to discard. We’re working on it.

Today I also started on the effort to reduce my physical size. The two of us discussed a fitness plan last night, which will include exercise bikes, Wii Fit, and hiking. And this morning I started the Couch to 5K program.

Each morning I walk our two small dogs (17-pound Pierogi and 10-pound Uszka). They don’t like their new dog park, so they don’t run around much. Our walks are their only exercise. So I thought that doing the C25K with them would help us all get some cardio without overworking anyone.

Day One went…okay. For the uninitiated, C25K starts with alternating periods of walking and jogging. For most of the 30-minute session, the dogs were good about walking and jogging at appropriate times. But since moving to Denver, the pooches have discovered fascinating things like long grass and squirrels. A squirrel spotting resulted in an extra sprint; some delicious grass stopped us abruptly; and there were two tricky moments where I learned to jog in place while picking up dog poo.

To keep us accountable, I’ll try to post about our C25K progress here regularly.



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