The kitchen carnage continues…

Not only am I trying to adjust to baking at altitude, but I’m also learning to cook on an electric range again. Several glorious years of gas range/oven spoiled me. It’s so much easier to get an even heat with the gas flame, and when you are working in an environment where things heat and boil at different rates than you’re accustomed, the results can be messy.

I burned some bacon (admittedly, not quality bacon that had a lot of fat) recently and filled the apartment with smoke. A pie filling spilled over the edge of the tray I used to collect spillage, and when I baked the next item I set off smoke alarms. My dog was traumatized, and I was frustrated.

A Jewish apple cake, which I hadn’t made in years and never at altitude, was just plain weird. It didn’t hold together when sliced and eventually got rather…wet. And today’s pound cake–adapted for altitude from a recipe I found online in order to use some ingredients I’d opened but of which I only needed a portion–burned on the outside before the center was set.

There are no photos of these disasters because I was too preoccupied with opening windows to clear the room and cleaning up the mess to remember to photograph it all.

But I shall persevere, and one day, somehow, I will bake bread in this mile-high apartment. Yeast has been purchased. A promise has been made. I’ll use my favorite recipe for flatbread to start. I’ve made it countless times, so I should be able to adjust it a bit for 5280 feet and produce edible results.

Stay tuned for a full report and, hopefully, photos.


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