I hate exercise. I truly hate it. I know I need to do it, and I try. But it sucks. So when I vowed to blog about my C25K progress, I hadn’t really thought through the entire thing. What the heck am I supposed to say?

Each day, I’m supposed to run and walk. Slowly, I increase my speed and/or distance. If I get stuck, I can repeat the previous day. But in the end, it’s just running. All I really have to report is what my dogs found to eat (recent finds: a waffle, a large bag of basil, a bag of Cheetos, gum). Otherwise, my exercise blog posts will pretty much offer the same thing every day: I ran or rode the stationery bike. I hated it. Maybe I wheezed. Maybe my dogs did something stupid to trip me up. Maybe I cried a little.

Do people care what shoes I wore or which sweatpants I wore? I doubt it. I must admit that when I see people posting their runs or their reports from Nike+ or other technology, I just breeze past it in my Facebook feed. Sometimes I press like to be nice, but it’s nothing that means anything to me. (That said, I always press like and look at photos of friends who have completed a race. I’m proud of their 5K, 1/2 marathon, or marathon accomplishments.)

What other things can I discuss when I talk about exercise that would be interesting to anyone? Suggestions are welcome. Otherwise, I’m not sure what to say and am rethinking my promise to talk about it.



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5 responses to “Exercise

  1. Laura L.

    I’m starting a 24-day cleanse/food regimen right after Thanksgiving in an attempt to lose this stubborn baby weight. I thought about blogging for accountability as well. But that’s going to get real old, real fast. Maybe a 1x week check in, like days 1-5, days 6-10 or something like that?

    • I suppose I could do a weekly post. Good suggestion!

      Also, this post was supposed to be scheduled for Sunday. The iPad app is tricky for me. I pressed “schedule” after changing the date, but apparently that’s not enough.

      Note to self: schedule posts on the laptop.

  2. I like to read everything about fitness/exercise. It inspires me and helps motivate me, so I actually read through all the data, daily tidbits, etc. For instance, if you struggle through one day, and talk about that, I feel better knowing we all have rough days. Or if you have a successful day, I feel more motivated to go out and have a good day myself! I like knowing what ppl are thinking, feeling, etc..Then I feel I am not alone! I hope that makes sense…lol

  3. Matthew Bruckner

    Perhaps I’m just late to the party on why you’re running, but why are you running if you hate it so. How about hiking? biking? kayaking? playing an organized sport? shoveling the driveway of everyone on your block? There are lots of ways to be physically active without running.

    • Time is the reason. I have to walk my dogs each day, and I can’t walk them and still exercise/shower before work. Running is a way to do both. Can’t ride my bike with two tiny dogs running along or bring them to the gym. And despite my best efforts they refuse to do Zumba or yoga with me.

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