Stuff my dog has eaten

The first in what I hope will be a brief series chronicling items that my 9-lb Chihuahua-terrier mix has chewed or eaten.

  • Lamp cord (floor lamp, thankfully not plugged in)
  • Pashmina scarf
  • Xbox ear bud cover
  • PlayStation earpiece
  • Various receipts
  • ABC (already been chewed) gum found on walks
  • Glass – found on a walk, but I quickly traded her for a training treat and averted disaster

We’re back in obedience class, so hopefully we’ll find some new techniques to reinforce the command “Leave it.” I read that it is a common Chihuahua trait to steal things and to snatch anything that falls on the ground. “Leave it” works when we place her food on the floor or if we play a game with a treat. But if we drop anything (edible or otherwise), she’s quick to snatch it and run. She’s responding well to the class so far, so I’m hopeful that we’ll make progress for her own safety’s sake.

It’s kind of funny to guess what the colorful blob is in her poop (there was an incident with crayons left on the ground outside our apartment), but I could certainly live without that game. It’s also really gross and sad when you have to help pull the poop out of her butt because the string she ate is still partially inside her. I’ve developed quick reflexes when it comes to spotting and blocking wrappers, string, gum, and other delicious garbage on our walks.


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