The change in environment has really taken a toll on me physically. While I still had allergies in the desert (stupid golf courses!), they were not nearly as bad as they are here in Colorado. Last time I lived here, I went to a great allergy clinic and got immunotherapy injections, which greatly reduced my symptoms. Then we moved, and I had different allergies in a Pacific Northwest climate. Also, my allergist (the only one in the county) closed his practice and I was unable to complete the process.

So here I am, back in the place where I needed an inhaler regularly. I only used an inhaler twice in the last three years away. And the allergies immediately returned. Since I’ve been back, I’ve been congested and sneezy and my eyes itch. I take over-the-counter medications and use a nasal saline rinse, but sleep is still rough due to the symptoms.

Today things reached a head. I’d had tightness in my chest and some coughing recently, but during today’s run I had a full-on asthma attack. My asthma is, as a physician explained to me, ‘cough-variant’ asthma. It is brought on by allergies, and it manifests not as wheezing but as terrible coughing. There’s a little wheezing, but mostly coughing, making those around me think I’m a contagious monster. It’s great!

Health care coverage kicks in soon, so I suppose I’ll be at the doctor soon to request an inhaler. In the mean time, I’m taking herbal tea, OTC meds, and just trying to lay still and ride it out until the coughing subsides.

As for running, I’ll have to adjust some things. Exercise can bring on the asthma, and I think that going outside into the cold weather might make things worse. So I might have to bring it inside for a while. I can go to the fitness center in my building and ride my exercise bike.

But I promise that I will NOT quit. See how dedicated I am? I’m willing to STOP BREATHING before I stop exercising.

Things found/encountered on recent walks:

  • A group of gentlemen waving what appeared to be TV antennae (metal detectors?) around the park
  • Jerky
  • A cyclist laying on the sidewalk (someone was already tending to him, so I didn’t approach him with two curious dogs)


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2 responses to “*GASP*

  1. Jen

    There is a show about people who wave those tv antennas around. It seems to be a new trend. All the hipsters are doing it.

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