Time Management

Routine seems like a good way to keep productive, so I’ve developed a weekday schedule for myself. So far I have yet to follow it exactly, but it helps to keep me in line. Most importantly, it keeps me from napping.

With the change in seasons and in location, it stays dark later in the morning. The dogs no longer wake me at 5:30 AM, so it’s easy to sleep in. If I sleep until 7 AM, I’ve already had too much sleep, which makes me feel tired all day. So I’ve divided my day into one- or two-hour chunks in which I have tasks to perform. I have a “work on job search” time, a “blog or email” time, reading hour, and knitting hour. Google calendar sends me an SMS alert when it is time to change tasks.

Of course, life is not so easily structured, and I don’t let my schedule keep me from taking advantage of other opportunities. One day, a friend called me and we had lunch. Another day I attended a free class at the local library. (That class was excellent, and I’m sure I’ll write about it soon as I plan to attend more of them.)

A regular schedule is also good for the dogs. They get used to a routine and anticipate their scheduled walks and treats. I’m hoping that we’ll all settle into a routine that allows me to be productive and supports my fitness efforts. And then I’ll find a job and everything will be up-ended–I hope. In the mean time, I’m going to give this schedule my best shot.

Things found on recent dog walks:

  • Two chocolate chip cookies (eaten by Pierogi, who did not vomit or convulse from chocolate)
  • Twix bar (intercepted before Uszka could eat it)
  • furry animal parts (*gag*)
  • a gallon-size zipper bag of fresh basil (I first feared that the pups found someone’s rather large stash)

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