Vegan MoFo – Of Muffins and Breakfast

It turns out that I am really crap at remembering to take photos of the things I eat. I figured that at the very least, I would have that to post daily to give some idea of what a vegan eats on an average day. Alas, that is not the case. This weekend involved some very tasty eats, and I am going to do a post about great vegan eats in Philadelphia when I have more pics to share.

This weekend was very busy, but tonight, I managed to throw together some dinner and bake muffins for breakfast this week. Dinner was the black bean burgers I mentioned in a previous post and mashed sweet potatoes. The weather turned chilly on Saturday, and this was a great, warm, filling meal that wasn’t too heavy.

The muffins are banana wheat germ muffins from Veganomicon. I’ve made them before, and they were tasty and hearty without feeling heavy. They have bananas, cinnamon, and wheat germ, and this time, I added some chopped pecans as I have some serious love of pecans.

I’ve found that since I started at my current job, a little over a year ago, that breakfast is something I can’t seem to nail down. Before, I could have a bagel with hummus or something much heavier pretty early in the day. Now, my stomach doesn’t like anything for a while after I wake up, and so I’ve started doing breakfast in phases to keep from feeling hungry, give me some energy, and not really overwhelm my stomach. Most mornings, I have a glass of chocolate almond or soy milk right before walking out the door. It’s high in protein, and the chocolate is more palatable at that hour than plain or vanilla. A couple hours later, I have a Nature Valley granola bar, or, like tomorrow, a muffin, and then a couple hours later, I have a Primal Strip (vegan jerky made from seitan, soy, or mushrooms). Have you found that you’ve had to adapt your breakfast routine as you’ve gotten older?

Anyhow, I was going to post a pic of the muffins, but it’s a pretty terrible picture and not really worth sharing. You know what a muffin looks like. Keep your fingers crossed that I remember to get a picture of lunch tomorrow (leftovers from tonight’s dinner) so there’s finally some visual interest for all you patient readers.

– krista.


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