Vegan MoFo – The Kindness of Others

This has been a relatively busy week for me as normally, I am quite the homebody. I go to a knit night once a week, and sometimes have plans on the weekend, but mostly, I come home and stay here. Almost every night this week I have had something, all weekend was busy, and this weekend is even busier. So I have had trouble balancing life and this new blogging venture. I need to take some time this weekend to at least gather some ideas so on busy nights, I don’t have to sit anxiously wondering what I want to write.

Tonight, I wanted to tell you about my evening. Several years ago, a local knitting (and associated fiber crafts) group started having Fiber Nights at the group leader’s house. Everyone brings something s/he wants to eat, and we all spend a companionable evening with good food and good friends and fun conversation. Almost all of my friends are omnivores, but the woman who hosts these gatherings, my friend Purlewe, goes out of her way to make tasty meals that anyone in attendance can eat. When vegetarians and vegans attend, the food is almost always vegan, when our gluten-intolerant friend attends, everything is gluten-free or separated and labeled and made safe. I love this. I know that Purlewe and I share a Midwestern background which means that we show love through food, and I really feel like having something I can eat is like getting a hug.

So this was my first Fiber Night in literally more than a year. It was a fantastic time with great people, and as always the spread was amazing. Our hostess made a very flavorful, indulgent French onion soup and had lots of bread for dipping, and she made a most awesome salad. I know salads seem so simple, but I have really come to appreciate the beauty of that simplicity. Spinach, tomatoes, grapes, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, and a homemade vinaigrette were just perfect tonight. I had been craving veggies, and I didn’t know it until I saw that salad.

I brought the perennially vegetarian staple, hummus, and mini pitas and carrots, and because I knew another vegan friend would be attending, I also grabbed snap pea crisps (have you tried these things? super amazing!) and dark chocolate covered cherries (Trader Joe’s FTW!). And there were plenty of indulgent treats for the omnivores to enjoy as well. It was just such a nice evening of food and companionship. I feel grateful being able to appreciate the kindness of others, and I want to be able to extend that edible hug to my loved ones as well.


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