Guest blogger!

Yeah, I know you can’t have a guest blogger without a primary blogger. But I’m a rule-breaker, a rebel, a…lazy writer.

My friend and former co-worker mentioned via Twitter that she wanted to participate in an October blogging project. I encouraged her to do it and even offered my blog as a place to host her writings. She’s a super-cool person and was a great co-worker. We even shared responsibilities managing a blog and social media at our job together. Sharing a blog again seemed natural. I joke that it is the 21st century equivalent to ‘getting the old band back together.’

So look for new and exciting posts from Krista on these pages soon. I’m hoping it will motivate me to finish the many drafts in my blog dashboard, too. Right now, however, I will keep quiet, since all I can talk about is how stinkin’ HOT it is out here. 116 for the ride home from work yesterday! Heat consumes my thoughts, and a blog about the weather sounds dreadful unless It comes from David Lynch.

Happy October!


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