Travel experiment

For an upcoming trip, I’ve proposed an experiment for our household: we’re not packing a suitcase. Every time we visit family, we end up shopping in the city and bring home new clothes. So this time, I’m planning on it. We’ll pack only essential medicine, contact lenses, toothbrush (so we don’t have to worry about buying one immediately), and the usual carry-on items of wallet, ID, phones, and reading material or PSP. Toiletries will be provided by the hotel or family with whom we stay, and any other liquids (hair care stuff) can be purchased there if necessary.

Originally, I’d proposed bringing a suitcase with just a few items that we’re bringing back to family–a gift for Mom, and some desert-grown dates to share. Then we can fill the suitcase with the items we buy instead of having to fit them among the stuff we already brought. But the bf says he can fit those gifts in his carry-on, and Mom says she has extra suitcases for the trip home. So we’ll save the cost and more importantly the hassle of checked baggage on the departing flight.

I was about to go shopping for some new clothes before our trip and remembered how hard it is to find clothes I like out here in the desert. There are some terrific stores (with good deals) in Philly that we don’t have here, so I’m not creating a shopping trip. I’m merely shifting the time and location to one that will be more successful and probably cheaper.

I’ll be sure to report on how it goes.



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3 responses to “Travel experiment

  1. krista.

    Not sure if you’re a Daffy’s shopper (I think I recall you mentioning it), but this might be your last visit there as they are closing sometime soon (don’t know specific details as I don’t shop there).

  2. PT

    1. have a GREAT trip!!!! 2. My parents have traveled around the world, and I mean, arounnnnnd the world, with just carry-ons. They have NEVER checked bags in their LIVES. It’s amazing what you can do if you pare it down to essentials like you are! Good luck and bon voyaaaaage! Big hugs!

  3. Jen

    I would have never have thought of that. I may buy a few items of clothing on trips but not enough for a week. Definitely let us know how it goes.

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