How to walk a dog when it’s 115 degrees outside

It’s been 110+ in these parts…every day. How does an apartment-dweller give a pet a potty break during daylight hours in such weather? Here’s how:

  1. Pull car up to apartment door.
  2. Go inside and put pup into car harness.
  3. Carry dog from door to the car.
  4. Strap dog into the car.
  5. Drive approximately one block’s distance to the grassy park.
  6. Carry dog from car to grass.
  7. Walk with dog around the grass, careful to rein her in when she tries to walk along the concrete part of the park (which she will be compelled to try often).
  8. Once the pup does her business, lead her back toward car.
  9. Carry pup from grass to the car and strap her in again.
  10. Drive back home.
  11. Carry pup from car to the front door.
  12. Enjoy a glass of cold water; give the pup a large ice cube to play with.

Whew! I chose my apartment because it was close to the park and to a a dog park (just a bit further up the road) and because it featured desert landscaping. I still appreciate both, but I hadn’t thought that dogs can’t walk on concrete or asphalt in high heat. Since my pooch refuses to wear dog shoes, I’m left carrying her for her daytime pee break. Once the sun is down, a temp of 105 is more bearable and we can go to the dog park for a little play or take a real walk.


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  1. Jen

    Here I am complaining about 90!

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