Caffeine withdrawal

I renewed my blogging effort the same day I swore off coffee for ten days. As a result, I have quite a bank of drafts that were abandoned when the withdrawal headache became too intense.

This time, I will do my best to have coffee only three times per week. And I’ll go back to my practice of taking a week off periodically to avoid addiction.

It’s been a rough time, but I made it to Day Ten. A recent study said that it takes ten days to get all the caffeine out of your system and be free of the dependence, so I have reached my goal! But like those workouts where the instructor says, “Just five more reps!” only to say, ” Okay, ten more!” when you finish, I’ve decided today to go for 14 days. Just got to make it to the weekend, and that cup o’ joe will taste great!

Maybe I’ll even have the energy to complete all these drafts of blog posts.



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3 responses to “Caffeine withdrawal

  1. krista.

    You can do it, Cherie!

  2. Jen

    Wow Cherie! This is great.

    I need some of your mojo to down my excessive coffee drinking lately.

  3. PT

    I have a hard time just having coffee “once in a while” (like three days a week!). I either have to have it on a regular basis, or generally not at all… A few years ago I switched from coffee to tea and the withdrawal hurt : ) but then I was used to it. So much so that when I had coffee occassionally I would get so jittery & have a stomachache!!! But now I’m sliding back to having coffee on a regular basis and I can’t lie… I LURVE IT. I admire that you can do it just 3x a week!

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