Quick post: 3 Things I’ve Learned

1. There are coyotes in my neighborhood. Heard that one tried to attack a neighbor’s dog while on a night-time walk near a large empty lot (and I mean HUGE undeveloped field). Luckily, we don’t walk there with our dog. But while driving by this past weekend, we saw a coyote on the median outside our complex. It was late morning, far from the dawn/dusk hours that coyotes normally keep. If this guy was out in the daytime sun, I’m guessing there are a LOT of them and that they are hungry. Yikes!

2. The hummingbirds in my neighborhood have become sugar junkies. More on that later.

3. I can sew! (Sorta.) I’ve got a mini-sewing machine from a thrift store and can sew hems that have come undone instead of paying $10 for alterations. I’ve fixed a pocket on the bf’s scrubs, and as soon as I can find a sewing shop that has gray thread I’ll fix my pant hem.  Hooray for being self-sufficient!

That’s all for now.


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