While the rest of the country is enjoying fall temperatures and activities, we’re still heating up here in the desert. It’s been 100 or so every day this week. Last week’s cool weather was a tease; we’re back to using the air conditioning again. It’s starting to bring me down, actually. Autumn was my favorite season when I lived in a place that has seasons.

As luck would have it, my thrift store shopping trip on Sunday yielded a 4-quart ice cream maker for just $4. Recently I’d decided to buy one, but I’d been holding out to find one in a thrift store for less than $20. When I found the one I eventually bought, I checked online using my phone and downloaded a manual. All the parts were in place, so ice cream would soon be mine!

I made the basic vanilla recipe from the manual. It was okay. Now I’ve begun collecting recipes online in order to experiment with some fun flavors, like pink peppercorn ice cream or pumpkin ice cream. Ultimately, I hope to try a whiskey & toffee swirl. Yum. In the mean time, I need to step up my daily exercise to accommodate all this ice cream.



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2 responses to “ICE CREAM!

  1. Jen

    I saw pumpkin ice cream (yes Edy’s) and I put it back. Pumpkin is a good flavor 🙂

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