Big Bear adventure

Last month, we finally used our online daily deal for a weekend at Big Bear Lake. We rented a house and escaped the desert heat. Our package included golf balls at the nearby driving range, so we brought along our thrift-store drivers and had fun hitting the balls for a bit. We also got a free trip on the ski lift to the top of a peak. We enjoyed gorgeous views of the lake and took a short hike at 8000 feet.

It was Oktoberfest, so we walked to the nearby festival and enjoyed some German food. The festival was fun; we got commemorative beer mugs, watched people take part in beer-drinking contests, and listened to the lederhosen-clad band. They played German music, including modern German hits like Falco’s “Der Komissar” (in German, of course). I learned that the chicken dance, that old staple of wedding DJs, is a German tradition. I think we saw folks dance to that more than once while we were there.We didn’t stay long enough to find out if they played Nena’s “99 Luftballoons,” but I hope they did. We hitched a ride with the free “don’t drink and drive” shuttle at the end of the night.

Our rental was pet-friendly, so we brought the dog with us. She was well-behaved, though driving through curvy mountain roads at altitude make her car sick. She’d likely never been out of the desert, so she was fascinated with all the new things to see and sniff up in the cool mountains. We also learned that our desert pup gets cold when the temperature dips to 64 degrees.

We were in our rentals fenced yard, where I let the dog sniff around while we grilled dinner. The sun had set, and it was a lovely cool evening. I turned around to find our pup staring at me and shivering. We hurried her inside to warm up, but the night was a rough one for her. She doesn’t really know how to use the comforter in her crate to cover herself up, so we broke the rules and let her sleep in our bed. She was beside herself with glee and nestled in to get warm. The next day we bought her a sweater, which she was happy to wear. We chose the softest and cheapest one, and it’s ridiculous. We’ve decided that when she wears the sweater, Pierogi becomes Sylvia. She just looks more like a Sylvia in her fuzzy purple outfit.

We can’t wait to get back to Big Bear for outdoor fun, though we’ll probably board the pup so we can do a little bit more without worrying about her being crated in a strange house or feeling queasy on the long ride up or down the mountain.

Here’s a shot of “Sylvia”:

Pierogi as 'Sylvia'



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2 responses to “Big Bear adventure

  1. PT!

    WHO IS THE CUTEST DOG IN THE WORLD?!?!? (p.s. it’s Pierogi.) Love her little tale wagging!

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