New developments: where to start?

Well, so much has happened lately I’m not sure where to begin. The silence on my blog has been mainly due to the fact that I HAVE A JOB. That’s right, I am employed again–at least for a little while. It came about in an odd fashion, as is usually the case for me.

About a month ago, I found an ad on for a rather low-paying job that was close to home. I had the skills to do it, so I figured it might be worth applying. Plus, the job was listed by a personnel agency, not by the employer. Putting my resume into the hands of a staffing professional sounded like a good idea. So I drafted a cover letter and sent it off.

I got a response from the agency, interviewed with them, and took the required tests on basic computer programs as well as a typing speed test. I think my typing skills have waned a bit (71 wpm w/0 errors), but I was still pleased. I made just one error in Word and two in Excel, and I can attribute one to user error in the testing program and another to some confusion about how to complete it (using keystrokes vs. pull-down menus). I was angry at myself for stupid, avoidable mistakes, but my score was still very good.

The staffing professional submitted me for the job but still wasn’t sure I’d be a good fit. In truth, neither was I. But after ten months without working, I needed to do something. But she liked me and mentioned that another job might be coming up soon that would be a better fit for me. I said I’d love to be considered for anything.

I followed up with a thank-you note and went back to job hunting. I never got a call about the original job, but that wasn’t a surprise. I put it all out of my mind and continued on. Then, a few weeks later, the agency called me on a Monday.  The second client she’d mentioned was ready to interview and would like to see me! I set up an interview for Tuesday. On Tuesday, I was ten minutes late to the interview due to Google map confusion and a freak thunder/lightning/hail storm that made driving a chore. But I put on my best smile and worked it!

I got a call that afternoon, offering me the job and asking me to start the next day! It’s a temp job, so they wanted someone immediately. There is a possibility of a permanent position, but I’m just taking it day by day right now. Things are going well, and I’m learning a thing or two in the process. But most importantly, I’ve got a paycheck (albeit a very small one) and some self-esteem. Working has really helped my mood. It’s great to have something to do every day other than clean house and walk the dog.

The immediate start date, though, gave me no time to plan a schedule for myself or my household. The last couple of weeks have had us flying by the seat of our pants, figuring out how to care for the dog and make lunches and commute and clean house. It’s far from difficult–we don’t have a child to care for–but it’s required some patience and juggling of chores. More on that tomorrow.



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2 responses to “New developments: where to start?

  1. Jen

    That is awesome! Sometimes that is all it takes to get things back.

  2. PT!

    Congrats, cherie Cherie! Glad to hear you feelin’ perky. : )

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