So much new news!

I just logged into my WordPress dashboard for the first time in nearly two weeks. I found a draft I’d begun on a Monday. That day I got a call about an interview. I interviewed on Tuesday and started temping on Wednesday. It happened so quickly–I’m used to waiting weeks and even months between interviews and job offers–that I had no time to plan or create a schedule. Plus, the job started before back-to-back weekend adventures. You’ll hear more about the job, the adventures, and my readjustment to the working world after a ten-month hiatus.

But for tonight, I’m putting off the blog one more night so I can enjoy the most glorious evening in the desert. After weeks of relentless heat, it has cooled down to the mid-70s. We’ve opened the windows, and I’m about to head out on the balcony to take it all in.

Sweet dreams!


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One response to “So much new news!

  1. Jen

    Yay! That is good news.

    Look forward to reading all about it.

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