What have I learned this week?

It was a busy week in the Happy Scrappy household last week, which explains my lack of posts. Lessons were learned. Facts were gathered. Naps were taken.

  • I learned that the dog park can be a tense place. Pup and I took a break from it, instead taking long walks in the morning. I could write a book of essays on the bizarre behavior I have witnessed at the dog park (friends have suggested it), but the best stories would probably lead to more tension if I plan to visit the dog park in the future. Maybe the crazy folks probably wouldn’t recognize themselves in the stories. But in telling the details of each incident, it would be hard to keep identities private. I don’t know how writers of memoir and essay do it. Do they stop going places after their work is published? I’ll include some stories here if I get the courage.
  • I learned that you can indeed drain the battery of a hybrid car by leaving the lights on. There is a small battery that runs the lights and the starter and a different battery for the hybrid engine. It happened this week after a rare rainstorm in the desert: lights were left on, and the car would not start later. We’d had jumper cables in storage since we got rid of our cars years ago, and we never put them into the hybrid cars because we didn’t think we would need or be able to use them. Now we know, and the cables will go into the truck.
  • Dishwashers need to be cleaned. Last week I scrubbed the inside of my dishwasher, which had a film from the detergent and a bit of discoloration from washing dishes with tomato sauce on them. In the cracks and crevices, some noxious-smelling crud had built up. It was gag-inducing. I ran an empty cycle with some vinegar and things seem better. I read more about dishwasher maintenance than I ever imagined I would.
  • Semolina is not the same as ‘semolina flour’ and is not an acceptable substitute. That is why I haven’t made tomato pie yet. Perhaps this week I’ll get it done.

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One response to “What have I learned this week?

  1. Jen

    Hmmm. I am scared to look inside of my dishwasher.

    You could write under a pseudonym. That would be wicked cool.

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