Stuff I see on walks with my dog

Walking to the dog park or around my desert neighborhood is an adventure for me. This area has so many plants and animals I’ve never seen before. Nearly every time I take a walk, I see something fascinating. Unfortunately, many of the critters are too quick for me to take a photo, especially with a dog at my side. So while I’ll keep trying to get a photo, I thought I’d check in here occasionally to record the cool stuff I see while walking. To date, I’ve seen:

That last one was just a few nights ago and was amazing. I drove the dog to the dog park (it’s a dark, desolate walk at night alone). We left after all the dogs were gone. As we walked to the car, I noticed a bird out of the corner of my eye, perched on the park fence along the sidewalk. As we approached it, my brain caught up with me and said, “It’s nighttime–why is that bird there?” I realized it must be an owl, so I looked up from watching the dog to try to see it again. It took flight and hovered, wings flapping, above us for a few moments with an eye in our direction. I started to get nervous; my dog is small, but not that small. Could this bird be hunting my dog? It was right in the bright lights of the park, and there were no jackrabbits to be seen. I hurried the dog along, eventually scooping her up to carry her the final yard or so to the car.

This entry serves only as a personal journal of stuff I’ve seen, so it may not interest my four readers. But there you have it.


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One response to “Stuff I see on walks with my dog

  1. Jen

    As you have found these new animals, I have learned too. At least 1/4 of your readers like learning about new animals.

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