Frugal shopping, thrift store edition

Well, the supermarket stopped their weekly discount blitz. I still find some good deals, but not enough to report on it with regularity. Thanks to the recent ground turkey recall, people are afraid of the product. That meant we had turkey burgers at 50% off this weekend. I’m alive, so I think the scare is over. I also scored some close-to-the-sell-by-date pork, which is marinating right now so it can become tacos al pastor for dinner tonight. Oh, and I discovered butterkase, a German cheese, when it was discounted last week. It was delicious on the turkey burgers.

Over the weekend I decided to go on a thrift store bargain-hunting trip to satisfy my need for bargains. I tried about five stores before I developed ‘thrift fatigue’. (There’s a limit to how much used junk you can sift through before you need a break.) I am always on the lookout for a table for a vintage radio we keep in the bedroom. I have an idea in my mind of what I’d like; I think you’d call it an occasional table. I did find a nightstand that would be great, but the price tag made me lose my breath. So I continue my thrift store search for a nice little table for the radio.

On this trip I didn’t find a table, but I did find some other items that have been on my list of things I’d hoped to find while thrifting. I scored some bowls to use for soup or pasta. I was down to one deep bowl and three shallow ones. For some reason, bowls tend to break in my household. It wasn’t so easy to just pick some up at a thrift store. They seem to be sold as part of a set only. I was surprised at how hard it was to find single bowls; I was expecting to grab bunch of mismatched bowls on my first trip. That was a few months ago.

Anyway, I finally scored some simple white bowls that are just what I wanted. I also found two brown custard cups that will be perfect for making baked eggs, a dish that has become a family favorite. There was a woman holding six white ramekins that would have been even better, but she didn’t put them back on the shelf so I missed out on that. And to be honest, Ross Stores usually have ramekin sets at a terrific price. I keep forgetting to stop in and get some.

I had no luck finding place settings for my ‘foods of the decade’ project. There were some quintessential 80s plates, but they were sold as a service for 8, and I wasn’t willing to pay for a whole set. My plan is to buy things very cheaply, then donate them back to the thrift store when I’m done. I’ve done that before, with a punch bowl for a party. I used it, washed it, and donated it back days later. I saw it as a cheap rental from my local nonprofit. I’m willing to be patient and wait for the bargains.

So, since my weekly frugal shopping trips might not be very interesting, I’ll mix it up and report on any bargains I find in any category. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I find something exciting soon. For weeks in which I find nothing, I can proudly announce the best bargain of all: refraining from shopping.

Here are the lovely thrift store finds from the weekend:

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