Last week I was supposed to make scaccia, a tomato-cheese pie, based on the results of the poll I posted. Aside from crust ingredients, there were only two items in the dish: tomatoes and pecorino romano. I found San Marzano tomatoes, but the pecorino romano at my local grocery was a crappy brand. With only two ingredients in the filling, I want to be sure to buy good cheese. So I’ll go shopping again and find the right cheese to make the pie this week. I meant to make a pie–any pie–but I got caught up in the excitement of my job interview and a few other things and completely skipped my weekly pie for the first time this summer. I made two pies during some weeks, so we’ll call it even.

In fact, I might make two pies this week as well. I am determined to make the tomato pie. The second pie will likely be dessert when friends visit from Long Beach this weekend. Maybe I’ll try the turtle pie or a silk pie. Who knows what I’ll feel like making in five days.

In the mean time, I haven’t stopped baking. I made lemon bars with some lemons that I need to use before they started to rot. I was especially pleased with the recipe I tried. The bars had a wonderful sour bite to them. They didn’t last long. I wish I had a fancy camera that could take decent photos (and that I knew how to use it for that purpose).

Lemon bar


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