No frugal shopping haul this week

I tried a new produce market earlier this week. It’s a small business that was recommended by locals for low prices and for carrying only local produce and vendor products. I was sorely disappointed. Bananas are not local, I’m pretty sure. Neither was the stuff in packages marked “Iowa” and “Oregon”. Our farmers’ markets stop for the summer, so I can’t really get only local produce so that’s not a deal-breaker for me. But prices weren’t lower than the supermarket, either. Bananas were the same price. A few items were on sale, but mostly it was the same or a bit higher. One difference: every leaf of lettuce, every peach was perfect. No blemishes at all. But pretty food is not my priority.

Since that trip was a bust budget-wise, I had high hopes for markdowns at the grocery store. I stopped by later in the day this time in case they were on the same markdown schedule as last week. No one was marking down items, and there was only one bag of iceberg marked down in the produce section. Looks like my good luck is over. I’m glad if they adjusted orders so as not to waste food. But I’m bummed to miss out on deals.

I scored some more pesto sauce for more than 50% off, and I bought a yogurt drink for the bf to try because it was marked really low. A few other items were on sale in the dairy section, but they were expensive brands marked down but still pricier than other brands. I got some day-old bread at half price. I left disappointed, but I still have plenty of food to eat.

I’m grateful that I’m able to buy food at full price when I need it. I’m lucky that not having super-discounted items doesn’t mean I can’t feed my family this week. Gotta keep it all in perspective, right? That reminds me that I had planned to drop off some stuff at a local shelter and have not yet done so. I was listening to a radio program talk about how needs have increased at shelters and food banks while the demand has grown. I decided that I can donate some diapers and canned goods instead of sitting at home all day on the Internet.


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