Help me choose a pie to bake!

I want to try something new next week but can’t decide. Which kind of pie should I bake? I found recipes for brownie pie, turtle pie, and scaccia (a tomato-cheese pie, but not really a pie unless pizza pie counts).  Or write in your own pie suggestion.

I’ll make whatever has the most votes by 8PM on Wednesday. Stay tuned!



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5 responses to “Help me choose a pie to bake!

  1. Jen

    Ok, I voted for turtle pie but it does not give me an area to submit my vote.

  2. Thanks for letting me know! I apparently used the wrong size poll and the vote button got cut off.

  3. kilroyscarnival

    This really cool chick once gave me a book of Mollie Katzen’s recipes, also beautifully illustrated. I also saw her public tv cooking show and was intrigued by her piecrusts with nuts. This recipe is here:

    • Sounds like a great friend. 😉 I’ve got Moosewood and the Low-fat Moosewood. This is a good reminder to use them. Sadly, the bf is allergic to walnuts (only mildly, but I try to avoid them for fear of the day it escalates into anaphylaxis). Wonder if cashews would be a good substitute?

      • kilroyscarnival

        They might be. I think you could use almonds too. Cashews seem a little softer and maybe oilier than other nuts so you might have to adjust the recipe.

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