Three Things (well, two things and a rant)

Huh. It’s a tough week. I feel like I’ve been walking in waist-deep mud the last seven days. I’m not absorbing much info, and I’m napping a lot. So I’m not going to number things this week since there wasn’t a lot of concrete learning happening.

I learned I didn’t get an interview for a job with Marriott for which I’d applied. It was nice to get a rejection letter, though. Usually I just assume they found someone else. In a few cases, that was an incorrect assumption. I got a call after my recent move for a job that I’d applied for in the previous city–three months prior. A job I’d had for three years was one that I interviewed for (twice) in the spring but didn’t get until fall (after a hiring freeze ended).

I learned a little bit (and I mean teeny tiny itsy bit) about how to swing a golf club. The bf and I went to a nearby driving range. I bought a driver at a thrift store so that I could join him. He bought one, too, since he uses his grandfathers fifty- to sixty-year-old clubs. He was amazed at how much easier it was to swing with a modern club. I was thrilled when I actually hit the ball.

I’m learning that dog people are weird. When I hear stories about the pettiness and strange behavior among parents of children in preschool (competition over achievements, disagreements over discipline methods), it can seem over-the-top. But when I see similar situations play out at the dog park, I’m astounded. Who disciplines a stranger’s dog for barking at the dog park? Also, a note to dog owners: if you don’t want other dogs touching your dog’s prized toy, don’t bring it to the dog park. And how can you hate someone else’s dog because they want to play with you? You came to a dog park. Where there are lots of dogs–dogs who came to play. Bad-mouthing a dog and insulting it is not only petty, it’s pointless. The dog can’t understand. You are a human who can throw a ball, and you are at a park where dogs come to catch balls thrown by humans. If you stand in that park holding a ball, the dog who likes to fetch will ask you to throw it, whether you brought it for him or not. Do not be surprised, and do not be agitated. And if your dog leaves his/her toy and goes to another part of the park, do not be upset if other dogs pick it up and play with it.

Please note that none of this behavior has been directed at my dog, who neither barks nor fetches. She did once chase a toy meant for another dog. I quickly took the toy and returned it to the owner, one of those who get upset over such things. Then we went back to playing with the toy I brought–a toy that my dog shares with other dogs every time we visit the park, I might add. Sheesh! I could fill a book with the strange stories of gossip and pettiness at the dog park. The funny thing is that many people have told me that my dog park is the friendliest and least clique-ish.

The bf has suggested it might be time to start visiting the dog park at another hour. Right now, early AM is the only time cool enough to run and play there. But once the weather breaks for fall, we might change up our schedule.


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