Not so crafty, after all

Just as with previous incidents, my recent attempt to find my inner crafter has failed. This time, I was inspired by a charming tote bag made of fused plastic bags that I’d seen online.

I don’t collect many plastic bags, as I usually bring my own when shopping. But occasionally there are cashiers who don’t understand, and rather than watch them throw away the bag I refused, I bring it home and find a use for it. So I got out the iron and ironing board and gathered my bags (a mishmash of supermarket bags, bread bags, produce bags and miscellany). The result: a wrinkly curly mess of melted plastic.

Sadly, I’m not creative enough to come up with a pretty design that brings these pieces together. Nor do I have a sewing machine, which would make the project look much nicer than my poor hand-sewing skills would. So I have put the pieces aside for now, and I’ll see if I can’t figure out a way to do something with them.

My guess is that they’ll end up in the recycling bin.

I’m already on to the next big thing. I wear daily contact lenses. It’s wasteful, but they’re they only lenses that my eyes can tolerate. Even with them, I have to go without contacts every few days because my eyes get a little irritated. The lenses come in #5 plastic containers, and I’ve started saving them. Their unusual shape and the little loop on one end make me think they could become something fun and decorative. Perhaps a lamp shade like the ones I’ve seen made from shells? Send me your ideas and we’ll see what we can make. Here’s a pic of a few of the containers; I’ve got dozens.



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5 responses to “Not so crafty, after all

  1. PT

    I think of you as totally crafty! I think I’m still obsessed with the lemons and limes you knitted. : ) I tell people about that ALL THE TIME and they are always as dumbfounded and awed as I am. We actually have a moment where they express their awe, wide-eyed, and I say, hushed, “I know, I know.” Anyway. Is there any way to thread tiny little lights inside each contact lens shell? Then you can have a chandelier?! Hmmm.

  2. Perhaps we can get together and you can help me!
    (Don’t you remember my freakouts over craft night at work?)

    • PT

      Oh yaaaah! I remember those days. I remember Colleen & I once did an American Girls event while you were gone (!?!) and the entire second floor of the store ended up covered in glitter. Ha. Good times. : ) I like the idea of SOMEHOW getting color into the little contact vials, either view tiny lights or, as you say below, tying ribbons to the ends. Maybe you can decoupage (sp?) the outsides of each little vial..? Hmmmm… Yes let’s get together…! Cocktails & Crafts! : )

  3. Jen

    I was in Paper Source and they had a bag made out of tape measures and duct tape. For $20. I think we could do that. The tape measures were weaved.

    • Ooh…Jen you’ve inspired me! Maybe I could ‘weave’ some colorful ribbon through the holes of these contact cases and make them the bangles on a cool bag? I’ll have to think a bit more on that.

      I’m saving coffee bags to make a tote with coffee bean bags and duct tape. Not as tidy as one with tape measures, but hopefully still fun and much cheaper.

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