Frugal Shopping–they’re on to me!

This week I went to the market late Thursday morning, and they hadn’t yet marked down any produce. Oh, the horror! An employee was marking down meats and juices, working her way toward the produce section. I did my shopping around the store, but she still hadn’t gotten to produce. Of course, the other options are that 1. they adjusted stock to avoid markdowns and had nothing to discount or 2. they did mark down the produce the previous evening and it all sold before I arrived. Either way, I was forced to by mushrooms at full price, people!

Despite the paltry selection of discounted produce, I still got some good stuff at the market on sale. Much of it went into the freezer until I need it, since it was mostly prepared foods that will last a bit.

Kimchee, $2.59 (regularly $6.99–a ridiculous price, which is why I don’t buy it often)

Boar’s Head extra aged white cheddar, $3.49 (probably about twice that normally) The kimchee and cheddar, along with flour tortillas & sesame seeds (already in my cupboard), will make some delicious quesadillas inspired by Kogi.

Red-band bananas, $0.48

Butternut squash ravioli, $1.49 (usually about $5.49)

Cheese agnolotti, $1.49 (usually about $5)

Chicken sausage (one pound), $0.99 (usually $3.99)

Boar’s Head bratwurst, $3.49 (regularly $6.99)

I’ll have to try the local produce market for some bargain-priced fresh veggies. I only recently learned of its existence. I’ll be sure to report back if I find anything good.

Bonus bargain: I scored some dates for $1.99/pound. Used about half of them to make a full pan of breakfast bars in the style of Larabars. I used a combo of dates, flax seed, sunflower seeds, and trail mix. The dates were big medjools, so pitting them was a breeze. I tossed everything into the food processor, and in well under 10 minutes I had delicious raw food bars. Next time I’ll try to remember to add banana (I had one on hand but only noticed it after I’d pressed the mixture into the pan). I’ll also save some slivered almonds or other chopped nuts to mix in by hand to add a little different texture. I’m really pleased with these; they are even better than the homemade granola bars.

Date-nut energy bars


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