This week’s frugal shopping

It was an exciting week of frugal shopping at the high-end market. I stopped in the morning after they usually mark down about-to-expire produce. I got quite a bit of veggies this time, as well as a few other items:

The ‘red band’ bananas cost 23 cents total, and they are perfectly ripe, not mushy. Of course, mushy would be fine for smoothies or baked goods. Got two pounds of carrots for $0.79. I used one pound to make a delicious carrot soup last night. We ate it with some of last week’s cheap morbier and this week’s brie (at more than half off the regular price). I bought a baguette at full price to go with it.

Other bargains:

More hyroponic watercress greens: $0.25/bag (bought two for salads and sandwiches)

Romaine salad mix:

Loaf of multi-grain bread for next week’s lunches:  $1.59

One pound of organic spinach: $0.99 (salads, plus some in omelettes and in mushroom soup)

One pound of mushrooms (soup!): $0.50 (Yep, fifty cents for a pound of perfectly good mushrooms)

Bag of snap peas and carrots (peas are snack foods in the bf’s lunch and for our Sunday road trip, carrots went into homemade dog food)

Bag of broccoli/cauliflower heads: $0.99 (to be roasted for dinner one night soon)

I also got some pesto sauce and tortellini from the pre-made section for more than 50% off. The pesto is in the freezer so I can use up the perishables first. None of the produce looks the least bit wilted or overripe, so I think it will last a while.

Yesterday I made homemade dog food for our sensitive-tummy dog. I boil chicken for it, and since I don’t need all of the water for the food I save it as broth. It has nothing in it but chicken and carrots and peas (no salt or seasonings), but since I use meat instead of bones it’s got plenty of flavor.  I used some of it for last night’s carrot soup, and I’ll use the rest for a spinach-mushroom soup tonight. I’ll make a big batch and freeze some of it. I’ll still have spinach and mushrooms left, but there are so many things to do with it: a curry dish, a casserole, fritatta, stuffed mushrooms, sauteed veggies, quiche, pizza toppings. I have ingredients for each of those.

In all, I think it was quite a good shopping trip!



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2 responses to “This week’s frugal shopping

  1. I ended up with a delicious mushroom barley soup (with spinach). The spinach went into a noodle soup, too, as well as some other simple dishes. Maybe I’ll make curry this week…

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