Change in topic

Yesterday I promised to talk about why I missed sleep the previous night. I typed a rather long-winded post about it. It detailed how my dog woke me up to go outside to poo but found a baby bird instead and chased it into our doorway, trapping us outside until I could figure a way to get through the door without scaring the chick to death or letting my dog attack it. I spoke of walking my dog, who was then too excited to eliminate and instead kept trying to get back to the door. I told a tale of tucking my 21-pound dog, writhing with a desire to GET THAT BIRD, under my arm and quickly entering my apartment before the chick could die of fear or be killed by my dog. There was a detail of a second walk attempt, the dog camping out by the front door for a bit, and me giving up and heading to the dog park at sunrise.

That post was over 1000 words. Over 1000 words about my dog’s need to eliminate and her attempt to kill a baby bird. Dear readers (all five of you), I promise you this: I will do my best to review my posts and think about them from your point of view. I realize that while I might feel a need to make a record of my pet’s poo history, it probably does not need to be relayed here. And while the story of the baby bird might be the seed for a great story in the hands of a skilled writer, as a first-draft blog post, it was BO-RING.

So going forward, I will try to post regularly, but I may not post daily. Instead, I will work on posts for more than twenty minutes before posting them. I might even take a few days to put them aside, then return to edit them in an effort to make them more interesting.

This is SO going on my “Three Things I’ve Learned” list next week.



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4 responses to “Change in topic

  1. PT!

    Oh Cherie! I smiled while I read this. This is the second time (that I can remember) that you told me/us that you had originally written a long post and had DECIDED AGAINST IT. I say post whatever you want to post! I guarantee that you are a good enough writer (plus we’re already invested in you emotionally, dear Cherie) that ANYTHING you choose to write about will still be interesting TO US. Stop self-censoring! : ) (Because all that does is make me wonder what you HAD originally written and then I obsess about it…) On the other hand I know exactly what you mean about feeling obligated to post daily, and I support your idea of only posting when YOU want to post (but don’t be so hard on yourself about the content my dear Cherie!) Hugs, from T.

  2. I’m learning, PT! I think that self-censorship can be a good thing. I’d like this blog to be a way for me to learn to write better and tell a story well. That involves editing, which I haven’t done. It also means learning what details are interesting to the reader and necessary to the story. My original post lacked that kind of awareness. I still told the story, but I told it briefly and in just a few sentences here. My original handling of it was heavy-handed and dull. Maybe I’ll rewrite the story in more detail but take my time to edit it and work with it a bit. We’ll see…

  3. Jen

    One out of your 5 readers would like it. That is 20%!

    My cat chirps at things he sees outside. I am sure if he was able to, he would have killed that bird as well. My cat goes after bugs and it is funny to watch. Since I live alone, it entertains me. πŸ™‚

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