Three Things I’ve Learned, Birds & Wasps Edition

Well, I’ve learned a lot about nature in the past seven days.

1. I discovered the tarantula hawk wasp and learned all about it’s terrible sting and it’s ability to fight and kill tarantulas and scorpions.

2. I discovered a dove nest in a tree by my balcony. That became the source of much misery last night, but I’ll talk about that in detail tomorrow.

3. Unrelated to nature, I also learned how trash ends up next to the empty dumpster instead of inside it. Rather than open the door to the dumpster area (there is one for trash, one for recycling, and both are surrounded by concrete walls), my neighbors simply walk up to the gate and heave their garbage over the wall. It lands on the ground and occasionally opens up, leaving garbage everywhere for those of us throwing out our trash like normal people. Classy, isn’t it? I wonder if there are rats in the desert….

I guess I learned about the debt ceiling crisis, too, but that gives me too much anxiety to discuss.  I got some new tips on how to make a proper tart crust, which I’ll work on today or tomorrow. But right now, I need a nap. It was a rough night. I’ll get to work on a post about that when I wake up.


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