Reusing & recycling

This weekend I found a great place to recycle used cork stoppers. Yemm & Hart make green materials from them. I’ve been saving corks since April (when an acquaintance took the last batch for a craft project) and don’t have many yet, but I’ve started a mailing envelope and will mail it once full.

That got me to thinking about the other recycling collections around the house.

Compact discs:

Brita filters:

Greeting cards:

There’s a Detroit non-profit that takes a slew of items to stock arts & crafts classes. Keep in mind that most of these organizations do not pay for postage or packaging. I save my items for 6 months to a year (or shorter if the collection gets large), then ship them off at once. I request parcel post, which is cheapest, and I re-use boxes or padded envelopes that I save when receive shipments. I use shredded junk mail as packing material. Postage is a small price to pay to keep stuff out of a landfill. In many cases, the items are reused for a good cause (as in the St. Jude’s ranch cards). But even if the items are made into a new product that is sold for a profit, I’m okay with it. As long as the company is not evil, I’m glad that they are willing to take my recyclable trash without charging me a fee.


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