Frugal Shopping

Once again, I forgot to take photos of my bargain-price produce haul this week. But I DID take a photo on Monday of the ‘expired’ arugula that I purchased last week. It was still incredibly fresh and made a great addition to homemade pizza (add it just as you take the pizza from the oven) and sandwiches this week.

"Expired" arugula--looks fine to me!

We took a trip to the grocery on what we’ve learned is ‘mark-down’ day. My favorite find was made by the bf. He checked the fancy cheese section and got a $6.99 block of morbier for $2.89! It’s a delicious, rich, and often expensive French cheese. In the mean time, I found baby carrots, hydroponic watercress, a 4-pack of corn-on-the-cob, and a package of chopped stir-fry veggies-each for just 99 cents. It was a smaller catch than in the past, but hopefully that means less waster in the produce department. I got some tofu (on sale, of course) to use with the stir fry.  Extra-lean ground beef was 50% off, so I got that to use for meatballs with a pasta dish. But I changed my mind the next day. I defrosted a single pie crust made for a savory pie, so I made hand pies (or turnovers, pasties…whatever word you like). I’ll call them hand pies so that they qualify for my weekly pie effort.


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