Three Things I’ve Learned

Last week I decided to try a new challenge. Each Wednesday, I plan to list three things I’ve learned in the past seven days. It’s a way for me to think about how I use my unemployed time and to encourage myself to gain new knowledge. Not sure if this means I have to read and learn about a topic each week or if I can just share “fun facts” I learn over the week. I suppose since it’s my blog and a challenge I created myself, then it means whatever I want it to mean. So all ‘learning’ is fair game. If I find that I’m only posting single facts each week, maybe I need to do exercise my brain a bit more.

With that in mind, here are some things I’ve learned this week.

1. All about the Palm Springs Tramway! It rotates as it climbs the mountain. It is a scary ride. They used helicopters to build the tramway. They found bald eagle nests during construction. It is the steepest tramway.

2. Dogs can have seasonal allergies, and my dog does. I learned that dogs lick their paws when they have allergy problems. Allergies can also affect their stool (eww). When combined, the allergy symptoms can resemble the symptoms of clogged anal glands. Luckily, our vet doesn’t recommend messing with those, and my dog doesn’t have problems with them. What a relief! Watching videos of vets demonstrating how to express a dog’s anal glands made me incredibly anxious about my dog’s health. Luckily, she just needed a little pumpkin in her diet and some eye gel for allergic conjunctivitis.

3. Lost of facts about the Coachella Valley, specifically the Whitewater Preserve. It’s a local park run by the Bureau of Land Management. There is a running river year ’round, right here in the desert. Best of all, I learned that I can bring the dog with us to explore the area. I got much of my information from the great Huell Howser. I think I’ll do a post about him very soon.

In retrospect, I feel like I learned some facts but didn’t acquire any new skills this week. I think that I confuse learning with skills-building. Or are they the same thing? We’ll see how this experiment goes…


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  1. Jen

    Cats have seasonal allergies too.

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