Sun tea

Last night I decided to make sun tea. I’m not crazy about iced tea, but last weekend I tasted some delicious iced berry tea and it made me think of trying it at home. We got plenty of bright sun here in the desert, and I’ve got a cabinet filled with herbal and regular teas that I bought when I lived in a dark, cold apartment up north.

This morning, I found a container and filled it with filtered water and bags of Trader Joe’s candy cane green tea. I fell in love with this tea after I picked up a box in Oregon, and when I visited another place with Trader Joe’s I stocked up on a few more boxes. (My previous town did not have a Trader Joe’s within six hours of it.)

After five hours, I had lots of refreshing, minty tea. No sugar necessary! I think this will be a fun surprise for the bf tomorrow morning. Sometimes I make iced coffee, but we try not to drink coffee every day so he usually takes a few bottles of water for the drive to and from work. This tea will be a nice way to wake up with less caffeine.

Sun tea brewing on the balcony


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