The next challenge

I exceeded my goal of blogging daily for 21 days straight. I’m not sure I can say that it’s become a habit, as I’ve been told it would. But posting has become part of my routine. Still working on doing it on a schedule.

For my next challenge, I thought I’d add a weekly themed post. As I’ve said before, lists seem to be popular. So for the next six weeks, I’ll post a list every Wednesday. Why Wednesday? Well, why not? Mondays and Fridays seem to be the popular list days, so I’m going to be different. Maybe it will help break up the week.

My weekly list will be a short one, with just three items. I’ll list three new things I’ve learned in the past seven days. The goal of this challenge is to seek new learning experiences and take advantage of all of my free (aka unemployed) time. At the least, it might make me read more. At best, I’ll develop a new skill or two.

We’ll call next week Week 1 of the challenge, but for fun I’ve tried to think of three things I’ve learned in the past week.

1. A cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle gets the body odor stink out of clothing. I’d heard of this home remedy but never tried it because I was using front-loading washers. I sprayed vinegar directly on armpits as I’d been told, and it barely made a difference. So I was skeptical about using a cup in the rinse cycle now that I have a top-loading washer and can do so. What if my clothing came out smelling of white vinegar? Well, all I could do is try it (and wash a second time if the vinegar smell remained). It worked!

2. My dog learned the ‘come’ command! I didn’t think she really understood it, but when I tried it on four different occasions today, she responded immediately despite distractions. Maybe this lesson should really be “I am able to teach my dog commands despite the fact that it looks like she’s ignoring me.” Either way, I feel great knowing she will respond to the most important command I’ll teach her.

3. I can survive without running water. Last week’s plumbing problem in my building left me without water for nearly two full days. My emergency kit and some resourceful planning made it relatively painless. It also left me with a lot of mopping, laundry, and dish-washing to do on Friday, but that’s okay. In the end, it taught me that with a little creative thinking I can get through inconveniences easily.

I’m off to plan some learning opportunities for the next week!


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