A sticky song

This week I’ve been shaking my head at the tweets of @mrdavehill. Dave Hill is an interesting character. He’s had a TV show, contributed to “This American Life” and to media outlets, and started a metal band with Moby. He pops up in online videos by other artists I enjoy and seems to know everyone I like. His tweets are a bizarre kind of performance art. One week he’ll talk about his clothing (“Just walked out to get some coffee. I’m looking pretty cool today.”), then suddenly he’s visiting his parents and is tweeting like 12-year-old Dave (“My dad is trying to tell me I’m grounded for the rest of the day. Joke’s on him- I don’t even live here!”). Often he goes on for days about one topic, and many time it isn’t so much funny as it is strange. Either way, I’m fascinated.

But one Dave Hill project is stuck in my head today. Dave’s other band, Valley Lodge–the one that doesn’t have Moby in it–released a single so catchy that one listen has you singing it for days. You may have heard it when the weird, possibly NSFW video made the rounds of the interwebs. Or maybe you’ve heard it in a Sonic commercial. Today, with no strong topic about which to blog, I simply present to you, “All of My Loving” by Valley Lodge–my ear worm of the day. [UPDATE: Trying a new way to embed the video, which worked with the preview but when posted.]

Valley Lodge “All of My Loving” from Valley Lodge on Vimeo.


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