Put a bird on it!

When I moved, our IKEA headboard got damaged. It’s just particle board, so the corner chipped away and crumbled in a way that was small but beyond repair. I was still determined to use the darn thing, which was still in the box from a trip to SF last fall. [Quick background: Bought MALM side tables in Portland in spring 2010, only to get them home to see the only work when attached to the MALM headboard. Got the headboard in San Francisco–these were the nearest IKEA locations, btw. Laziness and discontent with our apartment kept us from assembling the mess in Crescent City.] Once again, to my dismay, I realized that the headboard and tables were meant to be mounted to a specific IKEA MALM bedframe. That was not going to happen, so we figured out a way to mount the side tables to the headboard and mount the headboard on the wall behind the bed. These workarounds, or IKEA hacks as the cool kids say, did not fix the problem of the damaged headboard.

“Put a bird on it!” I joked. We had a hearty laugh over that, as we are fans of the IFC series Portlandia. [See the bird sketch here.] Then I thought, “Why not put a bird on it? Etsy’s gotta have something!” Sure enough, Etsy.com had countless bird options. In the end, I chose some super-cool (and surprisingly easy to apply) decals of birds and birdcages. I mounted one bird on some foam and glued it to the damaged part of the headboard for a sort-of 3-D effect. The cover-up bird isn’t perfect, but I love the overall look.

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  1. Jen

    Birds make everything better.

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