Weekend recap

Happy Monday to my lone remaining reader!

The weekend was a quiet one, unless you count the excitement I experience over the latest version of the Evernote program. For a listmaker/notetaker like I am, it’s an amazing tool. The latest incarnation is a vast improvement, and it rocked my world. I use it mostly to copy recipes instead of saving them as pdfs or bookmarking them. Bookmarks fail when a blog closes up or the page moves. PDF files are just not as convenient, since I have to print them or use my laptop in the kitchen.  Until I get the old iMac back in the kitchen (as I did in my previous apartments), Evernote is incredibly handy. I can cut and paste recipes from the web, then access them in Evernote on my phone. I can shop for ingredients using the recipe from my phone or reference the instructions while in the kitchen.

I used Evernote to shop for and to create a recipe for franks and beans, which I left simmering in my Crockpot all day. It was an attempt to make use of the Wagyu beef hot dogs I bought on a whim. They were incredibly salty, so I made the franks and beans without salt knowing the dogs would provide all the necessary salt. Put over some brown rice, it was…just like any franks and beans. For me, that is not a good thing. I hate franks and beans. The sweetness is too much, not to mention the fact that I hate hot dogs.

In other news, the pupster was a master pupil in obedience class this weekend. The command we worked on was “settle,” which requires dogs to do nothing but relax, which is opposite what most commands require. That makes it rather confusing to some dogs. Not to Pierogi. She is a master a chillin’ out.  She needed no learning curve. Here’s an example of her in chill-out mode. Note that she is not rolling around in the pic; she is frozen in that position, sleeping.


Not much else occurred this weekend, other than a dinner out for mediocre Thai food. I’ll have to work to make this week blog-worthy. I’ll do my best!



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3 responses to “Weekend recap

  1. PT!

    Oh Pierogi!!! So adorable. That dog really trusts you and M or else she’d NEVER sleep like that. : )

  2. Jen

    Pierogi has the right idea!

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