She’s crafty!

I recently got a library card for my local public library. To break it in, I could borrow up to two books. I couldn’t find any of the books that I wanted, so I grabbed two that looked interesting and was on my way.

One of the books was a collections of earth-friendly crafts. I’m not a crafty person, though I secretly wish I could be so handy. A few of the crafts in the book looked easy and applicable to my life. There is lampshade made of recycled/reused items. There’s a great idea to use plastic clamshell containers as drawer dividers, decorating them first with papier-mâché. I haven’t done that since I made piñatas for my sister and cousins as a kid. We’ll see how that goes once I get around to it. There are a few other crafts in the book that looked good, and I’m collecting supplies to make them.

I also bought some scrapbooking supplies (!) for a project. The bf has some clothing that he keeps for sentimental reasons. There are patches on the jacket, which he’ll never wear again, that are mementos. I convinced him to discard the stained clothing by removing the patches and making a collage of sorts from them. I’ve got them laid out on scrapbooking paper, ready to be glued. They’ll go into a small frame so that he can have his memories on hand, not stuffed into a box. The anti-crafter in me is having trouble bringing herself to get out the hot glue gun and pinking shears, though.

With all this free time as an unemployed homemaker, I suppose I should be at home, making stuff. I’m great at planning the projects, but I’m a bit gun-shy on craft execution. When I post a photograph of one of the finished jobs, you’ll see why.


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