I am finally trying to knit again. I’d stopped for nearly six months when my knitting buddy moved, and then I moved. But another friend is due to have a baby soon, so I picked up the needles to make booties. I’m starting to feel motivated again, and last weekend I organized my stash so I can plan some projects. My goal is to knit through my stash (all the yarn I already own) over the next year.

While knitting the baby booties, my ball of yarn would fall on the floor. I normally keep knitting, but now that I have a dog that has changed. My dog LOVES yarns made from animal fiber (sheep’s wool, alpaca yarn, etc.). She’d pick up the ball and run away, then sit and chew away. I’ve decided to knit a chew toy with one of the animal fiber yarns as my next project. I’ll have to knit tightly and make sure she’s supervised while chewing since I don’t know how well the toy will hold up to doggy jaws.

I’m getting lots of inspiration at and hope I can find the discipline to keep going and finish projects instead of losing steam halfway through.


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