Happy 4th of July!

Another late post today. It was a busy few days. Got a lot of things done, including readying the guest room and organizing the garage. It’s amazing what a little tidying can do for my mood and comfort level.

Friends are in Palm Springs for the holiday weekend, and they came by last night for a visit. Pierogi got lots of attention, and she handled it well. My friends got to know M, and we all had a good time eating pie (well, galette in this case) and chatting. We’d hoped to go out, but the weather here was crappy. Not only was it hot (105 degrees) well into the evening, but it was HUMID.

Yes, you read that right. It was HUMID.


That’s messed up. Apparently, building the ‘golf course capital of the world’ in a desert has some ill effects. What a surprise! One of those effects is humidity from all the grass and irrigation to keep that grass alive. So we get humid days during the summer. It might not be as bad as it was in Florida, but the humidity was nothing to laugh at. The air was thick, the sky was hazy, and we had cloud cover. There’s even talk of lightning and thunder showers today. Crazy.

All the more reason to stay inside where it is air conditioned.We had cocktails, chatted, and ate. We did actually go outside to eat. We live by a pizzeria, so we walked across the parking lot and sat at a table outside so we could bring the dog. (We want to be able to take her other places, so this was a good test.)

As for today, I’ve got Netflix, some turkey chili from the Crockpot, and some crafty projects to complete. I’m not very crafty, but there are some projects that came about as a result of the move. I’ll share those later this week.

Enjoy your holiday, and don’t forget the sunscreen!


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