I hate gum

I really do. I hate bubble gum, chewing gum, whatever you call it. Haven’t chewed it since I got my braces on at 13 or 14. Never really missed it. I especially hate when adults chew gum. Watched a keynote speaker move her gum from one side of her mouth to the other throughout her speech. Drove me NUTS! It looks unprofessional.

My dad chewed gum as an adult. First, he used Nicorette to help him quit smoking. Then, he switched to regular gum on occasion. I understand that it was a big part of what kept him from relapsing and smoking. (In a sick twist of fate, he died about 20 years later of a different type of lung disease of unknown origin. Ain’t that a kicker?) I never told him not to chew gum. But also, he didn’t chew it on the job. I have no problem with people quitting bad habits and replacing them with gum. We do what we can to improve our lives, and if chewing like a cow keeps you off a worse substance, go ahead and chew.

I also tend to be the person who steps in gum or gets it stuck in her hair. My timing is so perfect that i can flip my head around at the precise moment a gum-chewer opens her mouth to laugh, so that my hair enters her mouth and picks up the gum. That actually happened. I’ve had shoes ruined by chewing gum. I watched the sidewalk of a brand new store where I worked turn into a black-spotted mess from so much gum. Gross.

But today, my issues with gum took a step further. While on a walk with my dog, she stepped in a bit of gum. It was about 110 degrees, so we were sticking to the shaded sidewalks to keep her paws from burning. I didn’t see the gum, so I couldn’t stop her. She followed it by walking through a bit of landscaping, so her paw was a mess of super-soft, warm gum, rocks, and sand. She was trying to remove it as a dog would, by licking. I tried to intervene so that she wouldn’t be eating gum. I scraped it off with my keys as best I could. I actually thought, “I wish I could get a photo of this so I can blog about it.” But there was no way I could leave poor Pierogi in such discomfort.

We headed into the leasing office, where I grabbed a paper towel and sat with her in the cool shade and tried to get rid of the gum and rocks stuck in the tufts of fur between her paw pads. There was still crud there. I gave up and took her home.

Peanut butter is said to be good for removing gum from hair, but Pierogi would eat it all. I wasn’t sure about slathering her with vegetable oil. So I took out the vitamin E oil and used that to remove as much of the mess as possible. I knew she liked the taste of vitamin E oil, but eating that seemed better than soybean oil. She attempted to eat the paper towel covered in oil as I wiped at the goop. She licked my hand. She nipped at my hand as she does when I try to clip her nails. But I got the job done. She sat and licked her paw clean and drifted off to a cooling sleep.

And I added one more reason to my “Why I hate gum” list.


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One response to “I hate gum

  1. Jen

    Poor doggies 😦

    Gun chewing bothers my TMJ so no chewing for me.

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