Coffee Talk

I don’t drink coffee every day. At one point several years ago, I did so for a brief time, and the withdrawal headaches were awful when I took a break. So now, I drink coffee a few times a week. If I find myself drinking it a lot, I go on a hiatus of a week or so to be sure I’m not developing a tolerance or a caffeine addiction. When I do drink coffee, one cup is enough. Since I’m not guzzling a pound or more a week, I can splurge a bit on the good stuff.

For the last few years, the household favorite, by a wide margin, is Novo Coffee. I discovered it before a visit to the Denver area and was lucky enough to get it often while I lived there. Once we moved away, I ordered it online. (Tip: if you subscribe to their monthly newsletter, you’ll usually get a discount code each month. For me, it covers the cost of shipping.)

Yesterday I was feeling lethargic. I brewed a half-pot of a Central American roast in my Chemex, and it was delicious. (My Chemex is the best. I rarely use my French press except to make cold-brewed coffee.) Just thought I’d share that.


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