Emergency 911!

I didn’t get a scheduled post up in time this morning because I didn’t have much to say. Unfortunately, my morning was far more exciting than I’d prefer. There was an accident at the dog park.

The large dog side of the dog park is closed while crews work on the irrigation system. Most big dog owners stay away, but a few big dogs have visited the little dog side. Yesterday Pierogi had a great time playing with a sweet goldendoodle, running around and splashing in the puddle created by the sprinkler system. I was hoping that dog would return since they had so much fun together.

But today, a woman arrived with a big dog and a little dog. She seemed hesitant to come in to the little dog area, so I approached her at the entrance and told her that it was okay to bring her big dog in. The large golden retriever was sweet and calm, and everyone in the dog park took a liking to her. But as she played and ran with another dog through the shelter (a large canopy over a concrete area with concrete benches), a few dogs got underfoot and a dog owner fell backward. The ‘thwack’ of her head on the concrete was heard throughout the park; it was frightening.

Everyone rallied to help the senior woman, a dog park regular. I called 911, and they arrived quickly. (She was conscious, but she was bleeding from the head so we didn’t want to take chances.) Her confused and worried dog never left her side, and the owner of the big dog held her head and soothed her. The rest of the group worked to get a towel to rest her head and made sure she had her wallet/ID from her car. They arranged to move her car and take her dog home while she waited at the ER.

A paramedic noted on the way in (I waited by the curb and held the gates for the gurney) that they get a lot of calls from dog parks. It’s quite common for people to get knocked over by excited dogs, he explained. In this case, they assured us it was just a laceration and that nothing appeared broken. I’m guessing she might need a stitch or two, but it’s good to know she’s not in serious danger. The other dog park regulars know her better, so they will be checking on her.

The poor owner of the large dog was shaking; she felt responsible since her dog was one of the ones who tripped up the woman. Before we left, I walked over and gave her a hug. It’s weird to hug a stranger, but I think she needed it. She was planning to go to the ER. Even the other dog owners assured her that it was just an accident. No one or no dog was at fault. I was glad to hear that, since I’ve heard some catty talk at the park before. None of those people were there today, it appears.

It was a jarring start to the day. I’d rather not have had anything to write. I tried to think of a lesson in this. But aside from wearing a helmet at all times or not going to the dog park, I think we can chalk this up to a true accident with no real lesson to learn. It was reassuring to see everyone work together and remain calm in the situation, though.


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One response to “Emergency 911!

  1. Jen

    You totally did the right thing. Sometimes you could just use a hug.

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