Haircut at last

When I first moved to Crescent City, I got my hair cut at a local beauty academy (which closed while I was living there). The cut was cheap, and it was awful. I wasn’t expecting the kind of cut I’d get at Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, where experienced stylists took classes on new techniques. But this cut was truly awful. It was uneven. It was unflattering. It was a sad day.  I traveled an hour and a half to get a cut to fix it, but that stylist wasn’t my type at all. She fixed my bad cut, but she gave me Texas beauty pageant styling. I vowed not to get my hair cut as long as we lived in Del Norte County.

After our move, I made some personal goals and thought I’d reward myself with a cut and color once I reached those goals. But my long hair was an inconvenience in this heat, and I was tired of pigtails. Pigtails with gray hairs in them are very unbecoming a woman my age. I needed a cut now.

To find a stylist, I visited and found PeroXide. The reviews were great, and they seemed pretty stylish–even if pink is not my color. I checked the business’s web site and learned that Cary, the owner, is also owner of a salon in Boston. I’d heard great things about that salon but had trouble getting an appointment because they were so popular. When I did get an appointment, the stylist had to cancel or reschedule for some reason, and I never made it in. But since it’s summer in the desert, I was able to get a Saturday appointment with Cary himself.

Cary was charming and chatty, and the salon was terrific. All of the staff seem happy to be there. There is a table of beverages for guests, and they brought me a mango smoothie while my color set. The design is over-the-top (complete with a Valley of the Dolls bathroom, wallpapered with the novel, and a Jackie bathroom with magazine pics and Franklin Mint Jackie O ensembles on display), but the styling is serious business.

I love my cut (no pic yet–sorry). It’s short, layered and easy to manage. Cary mentioned Cameron Diaz when describing his idea (I put my trust in him to give me a great cut and color of his choosing). I don’t look like Cameron Diaz, but the cut is great. I’m a blonde again, and I’m loving that too.



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2 responses to “Haircut at last

  1. Jen

    Which Boston salon?

  2. Cherie

    Liquid. It’s in the South End. Cary is there until the first week in August. It was hard to get an appt there, though. Lots of great Yelp reviews. I met people with great hair who went there.

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