Homemade breakfast bars

Mornings are a challenge in this household. With the scorching desert heat, only early mornings are cool enough for a walk to the dog park. It’s also the best time to get in a workout in the complex’s fitness center. Add to that time for showering and getting dressed, and there’s no time left to sit down for breakfast. I’d been buying energy bars for an on-the-g0 meal for M, but I hoped there would be a cheaper way with less packaging waste. (I’m happy to note that energy bar wrappers can, however, be recycled through Terracycle.)

A few weeks ago, I read a few online recipes for energy bars and improvised my own with ingredients I prefer. They were fine, but they tasted incredibly similar to Clif bars. Frankly, those aren’t my favorite variety, so I was hoping for something much better. Also, with the high price of dried fruits and nuts, I’m not sure the bars were much cheaper (if at all) than the prepackaged ones. But at least there was no packaging to waste.

On Sunday I tried some homemade granola bars. Once again, I improvised a recipe based on one from Alton Brown. The mix looks good, but it was too soft to cut into bars. In this heat nothing seems to truly cool. But a handful of granola goop is an okay breakfast, right?

Granola bar mix

UPDATE: Tried the granola mess this morning. Not only did they not set as bars, but they also are ridiculously sweet. I used honey and brown sugar in the proportions recommended by Alton Brown. It is far too sweet.



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2 responses to “Homemade breakfast bars

  1. Is it possible that you packed the brown sugar and it should have been measured unpacked? Did you use unsalted nuts as opposed to salted ones called for? Those might change the profile of it noticeably.

    • It did call for packed brown sugar. it was also too salty for our tastes, but it was sweeter than it was salty. I think that my measurements of nuts and fruits used bigger pieces, so perhaps there wasn’t as much fruit and nut in there as there should be. I also skipped the wheat germ which could make a big difference.

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