This blogging thing is HARD

Those who know me may find it hard to believe, but coming up with a daily topic is difficult. Also, I’d banked a bunch of entries last week and forgot about blogging for a few days. Just now realized I had nothing set for today, so I’m late in posting.

Today was a productive day. Awoke early to take Pierogi to the dog park, where we saw some ridiculously cute dogs. One is a scraggly thing with one ear up, one ear down. His owner says it’s permanent, and I adore it. Another chubby dog, a fluffy, snub-nosed shih tzu mix, hopped up on my lap and settled in to cuddle. He won me over, and we spent some time together. Then I learned his name: Partypants. Awesome.

After the dog park, I made breakfast, did laundry, helped Mike finish a decorating project (more on that in another post), did dishes, went grocery shopping, made granola bars, and started cooking stuff for a new batch of Pierogi chow. By then it was time for obedience school.

Now, after a late lunch, I finally settled down and realized I hadn’t posted yet today. I suppose this counts, right?


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One response to “This blogging thing is HARD

  1. Jen

    It does. It is hard to come up with things day in and day out. At least I think so.

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