A scorcher of a week

This past week was the first week of brutal heat I’ve experienced since moving to the desert. Temps were over 110 degrees every day, with highs of 116. There’s not much you can do in that kind of heat. We were out of milk, but since I was car-less I made use of the powdered milk I’d bought for a recipe recently. There was no way I was cycling or walking to the grocery store in this weather for fresh milk. The pizzeria next door has a display of Cento products, and I think was the first person every to purchase from it. (They saved me a trip to Ralphs and were cheaper!)

My dog also gave up on all activity in this weather. We keep our AC at 82 during the day, which seems hot but is still lower than the 85 degrees recommended by the energy company. I’d tried 85, and those 3 degrees make a difference. The ceiling fans make it even better. But it still meant that Pierogi just napped most of the day.

The awful heat also dictates my schedule. In order to get to the dog park before it gets hot, I have to wake up at 5:30 AM so I can walk to the park, let the dog play, and walk home before the sidewalk burns my pup’s little paws. Even walks after sunset are too hot. The ground is still hot, the wind is hot, and it’s still 96 degrees outside. By morning, everything has cooled a bit overnight, so we have to get out there before the whole thing starts anew.



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3 responses to “A scorcher of a week

  1. Jen

    UGH. That is hot. I am at the hotel in Miami, flying home tonight and it has been in the 90s with 85% humidity and showers all week. It beats the 55 degrees and monsoon at home though.

  2. Wow — yeah, I’ve got heat in the mid 90s and humidity, and got soaked in yesterday’s Orlando rainstorm. How is your skin handling the sudden desert dryness? May I recommend Complex 15 moisturizer? Odorless and very clean feeling. It’s gotten tricky to find here. I added it to a drugstore.com order.

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