Almost as fun as watching paint dry.

On the 21st, I realized that the heavy cream I’d bought to make whipped cream had a sell-by date of June 17. The bottle was unopened, so I wasn’t worried about getting sick from spoiled cream. But I did want to use up the cream ASAP, even if I didn’t make the pie for which I’d bought it. I decided to make basil butter.

Butter is surprisingly simple to make. Just put some milk in a jar and start shaking! I added some dried basil because I’m just that crazy. After a few minutes, I grew bored but had no choice but to shake on. Once you start, you either finish the job or toss out the lumpy milk. It was a nice mini workout for my arms, much like a certain shaking exercise tool, as a friend pointed out. If only they could combine the two to make a workout that helps you burn calories AND churn butter.

Which is a TERRIBLE idea in reality. After a few minutes, I was bored with shaking the jar, and I was really tired of feeling my flabby arms shake. I suppose it’s a good way to remind myself to exercise more.

I started with heavy cream and ended up with this:

It is still really warm in my apartment (82 degrees as opposed to 115 outside), so I had to put it in the fridge to get truly solid. But the buttermilk separated and the butter was formed. I drained it, rinsed it, and put it in the new jar. I was car-less, so I’d have to brave the heat and bike/walk to Ralphs for bread. Which was NOT happening. I certainly didn’t want to turn on the oven to bake bread myself.

Then I remembered a wonderful Moroccan flatbread recipe from the geniuses at Working Class Foodies. I’ve used this recipe in many variations, and it never fails me. Best of all, the bread is mean to be grilled. This meant I could make bread on my electric grill and not heat up the entire apartment. It was a delicious addition to the evening’s meal.

Bread and butter



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2 responses to “Almost as fun as watching paint dry.

  1. Princess T.

    I CANNOT WAIT TO COME TO YOUR HOUSE to spend the entire time eating. YAY! : ) from P.T.

  2. krista.

    I love how creative you are in finding solutions to cooking problems (e.g., it’s too hot, or I have cream but can’t use it how I wanted to use it). I wish I shared that trait.

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