I’m a big fan of the KCRW “Good Food” podcast. Now that I’m back in Southern California, I can listen to the show on the radio again, but I still subscribe to the podcast so I can listen any time. One of my favorite things is the summer Pie-a-Day Challenge that began in 2009. That first summer, I even got my pie posted on the Good Food blog. This year, the event has moved to Facebook, where folks can post pics of their pies. A winner is chosen each week among the photos posted.

I posted a pic of my peanut butter ice cream pie, which was kind of cheating since I just assembled pre-made ingredients. I didn’t expect to win anything, but I was very excited to get some positive comments from “Good Food” crew members Harriet Ells and Evan Kleiman.

With a friend, I’ve vowed to make a pie each week this summer. Her efforts have already shown me up (she makes her own ice cream), but it’s not really a competition. It’s just fun to see what other pie lovers create, and it inspires my own creations. I started a couple of weeks ago with a shepherd’s pie:

Next was last week’s ice cream pie:

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie

Coming next: bourbon ginger peach pie.


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